Helping farmers profit, naturally. 

Our mission is to support farmers in the transition to more sustainable, regenerative farming practices. 

This includes providing access to a network of farmers trialling and experimenting with new practices, advice and guidance on trialling practices on your own farm and access to a range of suppliers that can provide the inputs and machinery needed to start your journey. 

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Agriculture now generates vast amounts of data of different types and at different scales. The ownership, access, control, sharing, value, permissioning, intergration, security, safeguarding and sovereignty of this data represent multiple challenges and opportunities for the sector.

Practical sustainable farming regardless of labels.

Nitrogen Use Efficiency is a widely used term increasingly discussed across industry and between farmers. However it can mean different things to different people, and is best defined with care.

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The agri-tech sector is vibrant and growing, with many exciting companies, organisations and networks are working to develop agri-tech solutions.

Regenerative farming looks to optimise the use of the ecological system and environment, in order to benefit from the natural ecosystem services that they provide.

Share your ideas and experience of how to improve nutrient efficiency and reduce dependence on artificial fertilisers

Many technologies now exist to monitor land at a range from scales, from hand-held sensors and simple cameras, through tractor mounted sensors, drones, aeroplanes through to satellites.

Share resources, ideas and experiences on running successful agri-businesses.

Connect to farm software providers here, and share your experiences.