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REAP Conference 2024

The REAP conference is unique in the UK’s agri-tech event calendar. Putting farmers at the centre of the discussion, REAP helps delegates navigate the demands of 21st Century agriculture by reframing challenges to encourage new ideas and identify innovative solutions.

Agri-TechE’s flagship event unites our ecosystem around a topical theme. It attracts researchers, innovators, government officials, agribusiness leaders and farmers from across the UK and beyond.



REAP Conference 2024: Theme

Global agriculture has evolved into a dual landscape of both vast scale and intricate detail, thanks to technology.

It is possible to manage vast swathes of land at scale, while also deploying innovations that permit precise, personalised management of individual crops and animals. 

The tech is here already. Robotic dairies have made the husbandry of individual dairy cows a reality, and the rise of computer vision, AI and automation enables the differing needs of every plant to potentially be met.

Huge quantities of data about the performance of a piece of fruit, a single flower, or even a chicken can generate new insights to help optimise the way they are looked after. Their nutrition, water, inputs to help them combat pests and diseases….potentially everything that might not be perfect can be improved.

So how far can this go?

At what point do the benefits from bespoke management of individuals outweigh the additional costs of more general oversight of the wider crop, flock or herd? Where’s the tipping point at which potentially sub-optimal management of the population might be actually a better option that individually curated management plans for all?

At REAP 2024 we’ll be considering where the balance lies between “management of the Many” as compared with “optimisation of the One.”

Join us to find some answers – as well as hearing about the hottest start-ups, the exciting emerging science, and meeting existing and future contacts.

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REAP Conference 2024: Bursary

UK growers, farmers and those in full-time education in agriculture (or an agriculture-related discipline such as plant science, agri-engineering, environmental sciences etc.) are eligible to apply for a bursary, which reduces the delegate ticket to £65 (excl. VAT) per delegate. We're considering applications on a rolling basis - apply here.

Also there is a farmer-exclusive opportunity to meet and network with peers as well as meet the keynote speaker and gain some insights into the farms of the future during the Farmer Breakfast.

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