Physical and online conference at Harper Adams Soil & Water Management Centre on 7th December.

Conference programme

  • 09.15 Registration opens – hot beverages available
  • 09.50 Introduction – Guy Smith, Essex farmer and past Deputy President, NFU
  • 10.00 Pathways to sustainable agriculture - Chloe MacLaren – Rothamsted Research
  • 10.30 Improving Nutrient Use Efficiency, Andrew Riche – Rothamsted Research
  • 11.00 Umbilical spreading of digestate, Ian Rudge - Agrii / ex. Bedfordia Farms
  • 11.30 Refreshment break
  • 11.50 Improving farm and soil resilience with the Sustainable Farming Incentive (SFI), Philippa Mansfield – Catchment Sensitive Farming, Natural England
  • 12.20 Electrocoagulation, Marie Kirby – Harper Adams University
  • 12.50 Lunch, videos, short tour of the Electrocoagulation plant, posters
  • 14.10 Collaborative research with farmers to test the practicalities and benefits of mixed species cropping, Alison Karley – James Hutton Institute
  • 14.40 Growing clover as a companion crop, Mark Lea, farmer case study – Green Acres Farm
  • 15.00 Regen vs conventional – a systems study, Joe Collins, PhD student – Harper Adams
  • 15.30 Under-storey sowing of crops, Neil Furniss, farmer case study – ME Furniss & Sons
  • 15.50 Panel discussion
  • 16.15 Close


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Soil is an essential natural resource for all farmers. Over recent years many initiatives have sought to provide information and advice on soils and Soil Health, notably AHDB Great Soils. 

Regenerative farming looks to optimise the use of the ecological system and environment, in order to benefit from the natural ecosystem services that they provide.

Catchment Sensitive Farming is a free farm advice programme funded by the UK government. It works with farmers, communities, and organisations across England to improve the quality of water, air, and sustainable water management.

The intricate web of relationships between physical, chemical and biological soil components underpins crop and livestock health and productivity.

Agrii harnesses the power of skilled agronomists and the best intelligence to deliver unrivalled expertise and support for sustainable and profitable farming systems in the UK. 

Rothamsted Research is a world-leading, non-profit research centre that focuses on strategic agricultural science to the benefit of farmers and society worldwide.

Agricultural Shows have always been a very important place for farmers and the industry to share knowledge. The nature of agricultural shows has changed, but there are now an increasing number of staple events for a range of communities.

This page is to connect organisations, projects and resources that have an interest in improving the quality of our water sources.

The James Hutton Institute combines strengths in crops, soils and land use and environmental research, and makes a major contribution to the understanding of key global issues, such as food, energy and environmental security, and developing and promoting effective technological and management solutions to these.

Share your ideas and experience of how to improve nutrient efficiency and reduce dependence on artificial fertilisers

As the population grows, so do our demands on the planet. Managing this resource has never been so important. Since it was founded in 1901, Harper has been designed to meet this challenge. Set on a 494 hectare farm, we are the leading specialist university tackling the future development of our planet's food production, processing, animal sciences, engineering, land management and sustainable business.

Managing nutrients effectively is crucial for our soils, crops, livestock and environment. There are many resources and initiatives available to help.