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Smart Livestock Farming Technology

As technology develops, there are more and more ways to access and assess farm data as well as involving other technologies to support your farming.

Thursday 16 May


This can be extremely useful for your farm business, but it is also easy to fall down a black hole and spend hours trying to work out different options and strategies.

This webinar will look at some of the different technologies being used and our expert panel will discuss where it can fit into your farm business to save time rather than create more work.

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Johann Tasker

Podcast & Projects Editor
Farmers Weekly
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Dr Trisha Toop

Delivery Director
UK Agri-Tech Centre
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Rupert Harlow

Marketing Manager
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Max Dafforn

Digital Campaign Manager
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Agriculture now generates vast amounts of data of different types and at different scales. The ownership, access, control, sharing, value, permissioning, intergration, security, safeguarding and sovereignty of this data represent multiple challenges and opportunities for the sector.

The agri-tech sector is vibrant and growing, with many exciting companies, organisations and networks are working to develop agri-tech solutions.

Precision farming involves the use of GPS, sensing and control technologies to use spatial data to manage soils, crops and livestock.