The Oxford Farming Conference (OFC) is the leading international conference held in the UK for farming and agribusiness. It takes place in January every year located in the historic and inspiring surroundings of Oxford University. The OFC's mission is to inform, challenge and inspire the 560 or so delegates who attend, to resonate and be a force for positive change throughout the industry.

The 2023 conference is taking place between 4th-6th January - see our event page for more details in the 'recommended content' section below.


The conference provides:

  • Independent thought leadership and challenge of the highest calibre
  • A highly regarded cross-industry networking opportunity of key influencers
  • A progressive and forward-looking outlook with an international dimension
  • The inspiration and encouragement for positive change

It’s a role that’s developed over 80 years of its history – since the first farming conference in Oxford took place in 1936, OFC has become a pivotal part in giving issues a voice and in sparking and airing debates.


Challenging industry leaders

The OFC is attended by leaders from within all elements of British agriculture. Among delegates who attend are royalty, UK and overseas politicians, farmers, agribusiness, NGOs, leading scientists, opinion formers and scholars. There is always a strong media presence at Oxford, with journalists attending from radio and TV, podcast, broadsheets, agricultural trade, food media and newswire.


Inspiring future generations

The OFC Scholars Sponsorship Scheme enables many young people to participate in the conference who may not otherwise have the opportunity to attend, giving them a valuable stepping stone into a fulfilling career in farming or agribusiness.

The Inspire programme brings together up to 15 farmers from across the UK, aged 30-45, specially selected as individuals with progressive farm businesses and who demonstrate thought leadership.

The programme brings a key audience to the Conference, immerses them in Conference activity, inspires them to progress their own business and relay experiences to others.



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OFC 2023 will explore systemic solutions to the cumulative biodiversity, climate, food and energy crises that collectively we are facing, with optimism and determination not to repeat the mistakes of the past.

Bringing the real food and farming movement together. Every January the Oxford Real Farming Conference connects people in the UK and around the globe who want to transform our food and farming system. The ORFC23 is taking place between 4th-6th January 2023 - see our event page for more details in the 'recommended content' section below.

Report commissioned by WWF & Tesco launched at OFC 2022 on "

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Educating, inspiring and empowering current and future farmers to achieve net zero within a sustainable farming and food system.


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Fringe event of Oxford Farming Conference with Fera on Thursday 8 December online.

The 2024 Oxford Farming Conference will take place from 3 to 5 January, at the Oxford Examination Schools.

A report launched today at the 2024 Oxford Farming Conference (OFC) firmly states that the practice of farmers subsidising consumers’ appetite for cheap food cannot continue.

Report published at OFC 2022 by Green Alliance