EIP-Agri Focus Group

Focus Group from experts across 15 European countries discussing the development and adoption of digital tools to support nutrient management.

View on the EIP-Agri Focus Group page here - https://ec.europa.eu/eip/agriculture/en/focus-groups/digital-tools-sustainable-nutrient-management 

Lots of decision support tools are available to farmers and are being developed, described in Focus Group starting document here. 

Tools include:

  • PastureBase app - Teagasc
  • Farmdok.com
  • TerraZo & Gis-Ela
  • Satagro
  • Agrivi
  • Mark Online - Denmark
  • Dungenplanung - Germany
  • AtFarm
  • Farmscoper

Commission is creating Farm Sustainability Tool as part of new Farm to Fork Policy, through FaST EU project, to include nutrient balances at field scale.

IACS Data Sharing directory of spatial maps

Fairway Project previously listed relevant available tools - project deliverable report      Scientific paper by Fiona Nicholson

FairShare project  collates tools for agricultural advisors



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Some of the commercially available digital tools & software include: Fieldview - Bayer Granular - Corteva Xarvio - BASF John Deere Operations Centre Omnia Agleader SMS Breedr Fieldmargin Yagro Geopard AgAnalytics Data Baler Agrible Habiterre Combyne MyFarms CropTrak Trinity Agtech - Sandy AgTools Agricircle   Join this page to add and edit  

Managing nutrients effectively is crucial for our soils, crops, livestock and environment. There are many resources and initiatives available to help. 

For various EU projects and proposals we have collated a list of relevant tools and projects to nutrient management... Please join the Group to add more tools & projects below...

PLANET and MANNER-NPK are nutrient management software tools that are freely available for use by farmers and their advisers.  

A wide range of EU funded projects and networks contribute to the knowledge landscape in agriculture.

Scientific Paper with evaluation of digital tools from

This list of R&D projects relevant to nutrient recycling and nutrient management is published