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An active network dedicated to finding innovative solutions for antibiotic resistance

DISARM aims to reduce antibiotic resistance by reducing the need for antibiotics in livestock farming by focusing on disease prevention and prudent use of antibiotics.


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The livestock industry is an integral part of the agricultural sector, encompassing various aspects of animal husbandry and production. It plays an important role in global food security and supports the livelihoods of millions of people worldwide.

Innovation for Agriculture (IfA) is an independent knowledge exchange charity that aims to bridge the gap between science and practice. 

Animal health is integral to the sustainability, profitability, and ethical considerations of livestock farming. It involves a combination of preventative measures, good management practices, and veterinary care to ensure that animals are raised in a manner that is both economically viable and environmentally responsible while prioritizing their well-being and public health.

A wide range of EU funded projects and networks contribute to the knowledge landscape in agriculture.

Antimicrobial resistance (AMR) in agriculture is a pressing global concern that arises when microorganisms, including bacteria, develop resistance to antimicrobial agents such as antibiotics and antifungals commonly used in agricultural practices. This resistance can have far-reaching consequences for both agriculture and public health.