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  Supporting farmers with robust design and analysis of on-farm experiments in tramline trials.
Farming groups, scientists, and start-ups are teaming up to test how far cultured meat is a threat, or an opportunity, for UK farmers.
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YEN Zero is a recently established network in the ADAS YEN Family, with the overarching aim of creating a net-zero community. It aims to bring key players from across the agricultural industry…
IPM Decisions
The IPM Decisions project will create an online platform that is easy to use for the monitoring and management of pests.
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Farm carbon calculator to lower emissions and increase productivity
BASF Real Results Circle ( has been running since 2017, bringing together 50 farmers and supporting them to test decisions on-farm.
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The SUPER-G project is a European wide project aiming to work with farmers and policy makers to develop sustainable & effective permanent grassland systems.
YEN Nutrition
YEN Nutrition brings together those wanting to achieve more precise crop nutrition.  High fertiliser prices now make this vital.  Assuming that 'crops know best' engagement in YEN Nutrition starts by…
The Weed Resistance Action Group (WRAG) produces guidance on pesticide resistance issues. Hosted by AHDB, this information can be used to help protect crops and the long-term efficacy of herbicides.
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A wide range of EU funded projects and networks contribute to the knowledge landscape in agriculture.