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Food and Farming Futures is an independent consortium body which is developing the The National Libraries for AgriFood as a knowledge exchange integrator service aimed at the food and farming industries, to help more efficient, sustainable supply chains.

It is a place where quality-vetted grey literature, advisory notices and research papers are held in collections appropriate to the agri-food sectors, and it holds 
a large and competent repository of actual documents (mostly PDF files), videos and other electronic media files, rather than linking to documents held elsewhere.

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Farm-PEP aims to bring together all the sources of useful knowledge for Agriculture, whether from academic science, applied research projects, industry trials, farmers own trials or simple on-farm experience. Listed below are useful websites, organisations and websites that we know of.  Add any we've missed in the comments box or by adding as new content, or better still, as a new Group.  

What web resources do you find useful to find and share knowledge?

Knowledge Exchange in Agriculture in the UK is diverse, with many organisations involved. That is part of the reason for creating Farm-PEP, to help provide connections to what many percieve as a fragmented landscape.

The National Library for Agri-Food serves agri-food practitioners by providing access to recent, high quality, science-evidenced information and guidance in a well-constructed online repository with good metadata standards for easy searching and robust perma-links to content.

Current studies focus on isolated and one-off problems, and we suggest future research to conside

Current studies focus on isolated and one-off problems, and we suggest future research to conside

Analysis of 30 long running farm experiments in Europe and Africa by Rothamsted Research has show

A major reason for the predominant failure of translational research from laboratory to field is

Researchers at McMaster University have developed a new form of rapid test to detect infections i

Silphium could provide a profitable and viable perennial bioenergy crop. For Sida to be a profita

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