The Kyminasi Plant Booster: The future of crop farming? 

plant booster better crop yield



What is the Kyminasi Plant Booster? 

First of all, if you are unaware of the Kyminasi Plant Booster, it is a really easy to use, micro transmitter that uses low frequency radio waves. The transmitter is attached to a metal pipe and installed into your existing irrigation system. There is no power or maintenance required, once installed, that’s it. It only needs running water, and that generates the power necessary. Biophysics and smart farm technologies have overlapped to create a product that increases crop yield with no long-term input. The transmitter uses the metal pipe to create an electromagnetic field, with over 3000 low frequency radio waves, between 150KHz and 10Hz. The water carries these frequencies through the irrigation system to the plants. The data stored on the Kyminasi Plant Booster is a range of natural frequencies for different crops. 

What experiments were conducted on the effectiveness of the Kyminasi Plant Booster? 

In order to find out whether or not the product is legitimate, there needs to be scientifically sound experiments carried out. The initial research showed very promising results regarding a large array of fruits and vegetables. One particular study was conducted with Spinach, kale and alfalfa. Spinach is one of the most popular vegetables in the UK. The UK produces around 600 tonnes of spinach every week, when in season. The demand has been increasing in recent years, and production has been struggling to keep up. Most farms need to be able to increase crop yield instead of expanding the land used. Which is why we wanted to learn more for ourselves. Taking the original experiment done in South Africa, and adding our own experiment based in the UK.  

What were the results? 

The original tests were conducted in Johannesburg, South Africa, and the yield for alfalfa, kale, and spinach was documented to have an increased of 25-30%. There was clear observational difference between the Kyminasi Plant Booster and the control, showing a richer green colour, with more leaves per plant.  

To get a more accurate reading of increased crop yield in the UK, we ran an experiment with a local farm. Our experiment also concluded an increase in crop size. The first harvest yielded 24% more crops than the control, 17.5% for the second and 12.5% for the final harvest. The test was conducted indoors, in tunnels, with exactly the same parameters, except one used the Kyminasi Plant Booster, and the other was the control. 

What this suggested was how every time the same crops are harvested, the stress on the plant effects how much they yield. Interestingly, the second and third yield still indicated an increase, which means the Kyminasi Plant Booster aided in faster recovery. 

First Base Solutions, at the time of writing, has exclusive rights to supply the Kyminasi Plant Booster in the UK. Used in conjunction with our farm management software, Live Farmer, you can keep track of your own yield increases, and forecast appropriately. Get in touch with us for a free demo, and start increasing your revenue, today! 


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plant booster better crop yield