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Agriculture and land-based colleges play a key role in ensuring the industry is supplied with the right skills. This page acts as a hub to help connect the people and organisations in this space. 
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Together, we’re creating plausible pathways, and practical, open science, to achieve Net Zero through the Agrifood system by 2050.
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With support from Defra we are exploring nitrogen metrics of the YEN dataset of crop performance, soils and inputs over 9 years. We've invited YEN sponsors to help guide how we analyse the data and…
Rachel Wells speaking at REAP 2022
A TOOLKIT FOR BREEDING RESISTANCE TO ADULT AND LARVAL HERBIVORY BY THE CABBAGE STEM FLEA BEETLE. BBSRC Industrial Partnership project led by Rachel Wells at JIC looking to breed oilseed rape with…
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Farmers, advisors and researchers working together to understand and improve crop nutrition on-farm
Soilmentor helps you learn what healthy soils and flourishing biodiversity look like on your farm. Understand changes on your land above & below ground, make informed decisions and keep everyone…
Food & Farming Futures/The National Library of Agri-food
The National Library for Agri-Food serves agri-food practitioners by providing access to recent, high quality, science-evidenced information and guidance in a well-constructed online repository with…
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‘Healthy soil, Healthy food and Healthy people’
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The Future Farming Resilience Fund (FFRF) is a scheme set up by Defra to provide free business support to farmers and land managers during the early years of the agricultural transition. The third…
Preview of AHDB webpage
AHDB webpage highlighting the national network of aphid suction traps and yellow water traps run by Rothamsted Insect Survey, supported by BBSRC. Delivering regional information on aphid species and…