Draft Revised FarmPEP Frontpage

I'm very conscious that the current front page for the this website doesn't really work, as it doesn't get across what FarmPEP is about, and doesn't enable access to the parts of FarmPEP that a user might be interested in.

We've had a go at drafting an alternative design attached & below - what do you think?  How should we design the 'way in' to FarmPEP.



I just edited the first sentence describing the purpose of Farm-PEP to "... to enable knowledge ABOUT FARMING to be ...", just to be clear that we are focussing on farming. 

Is the Revised Front Page (v2) document the correct version to look at, as this appears to differ to the image above. If so, would it be possible to have a couple of examples of groups (in addition to the YEN), ideally with logos to match the way in which People and Organisations have logos. The schematic suggests that posts come from groups (or perhaps I have misinterpreted this), and that people, organisations and groups contribute to topics, but not posts? Does it need a button at the bottom to add a topic? Should the right hand box say "Add a post"? 

After implementing this page view we now want something more interactive, that gets people straight into the content. 

See draft below - give your views by commenting on the Co-Design page