The encyclopedia of arable weeds

AHDB Publication 2018.

This publication provides an easy reference to the major broad-leaved and grass weeds in the UK, including how to identify and manage them. The weeds are ordered alphabetically by common names and quick access to a particular weed can also be gained through the Contents. There are two pages of information (structured identically) for every weed. A banner provides, at a glance, both the common and the scientific name. Tick boxes identify if the weed is usually competitive in winter wheat (WW), winter oilseed rape (WOSR) and/or spring crops. Tick boxes also show where populations resistant to herbicides have been identified. Finally, where appropriate, the value of the weed to biodiversity, because of rarity value or support to birds or insects, is also indicated. Each weed has a more detailed description, under the headings; Life cycle, Location, Description (including key features), Biology and Management. This is complemented by photographs of the weed at the different growth stages. A simple Glossary of terms can be found together with a weed list by EPPO Code at the end of the encyclopaedia. Where herbicides are suggested, this is to guide the reader to possible options. Before applying herbicides, always check product labels for recommendations and approvals. 


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