Important Stakeholders

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For Farm-PEP to be successful it will need the support and engagement of all the major knowledge exchange organisations in agriculture. Our challenge for Farm-PEP to be find the niche where engagement of individuals and organisations provides mutual benefit - we must avoid duplication and avoid competing with the many offers and business models that already exist, instead we must connect.

We have already involved many organisations in the development of Farm-PEP, as partners, on its Steering Group, through workshops and in on-going discussions -listed below. We don't want to miss anyone out though, and we are aware that our background gives an arable bias, so please let us know if there are initiatives or organisations we are missing, especially from the livestock sectors.

Stakeholders in the AKIS

Farm-PEP Partners & Steering Group

ADAS   Agri-techE    AHDB      AIC     AICC     CCRI     Defra     Innovative Farmers     Map of Ag     NFU     Open Coop     RAU - Centre for Effective Innovation in Agriculture      SRUC     The Farming Forum     UKRI

Other Knowledge Exchange Providers

AgriFood Charities Partnership      Agricology      BASE-UK     BASIS     BBRO      Farming Connect      Food & Farming Futures      GWCT      Innovation for Agriculture      KTN      LEAF      Natural England     NatureScot     NIAB      PGRO    RISS     TIAH

Research & Innovation organisations

Agri-EPI      Agrimetrics       BGS       CEH       CIEL      CHAP      FERA     JIC      JHI       Rothamsted      STC     Universities & Agricultural Colleges

Media, Events, Initiatives & web

Agricultural press      ASSIST      BOFIN      Cereals    Conservation Evidence     CropTec      FCN      FeedUK       FLIN      Grassland & Muck   Greatest Online Agricultural Show      Groundswell       Land Management 2.0       LENs      NFFN       OFC       ORFC       Real Results      Ring Link Scotland     Table       Webinag       


Agri-benchmark       Agri-food Digital Innovation Hub      Ask Valerie      CABI       EIP-Agri       Eureka Farmbook       FBN      InfoAg       WeFarm