Agri-TechE is a business focused member organisation, supporting the growth of a world-leading network of innovative farmers, producers, scientists, technologists and entrepreneurs who share a vision of increasing the productivity, profitability and sustainability of agriculture. 


Agri-TechE is supporting innovation by:

  • Facilitating conversations and connections
  • Accelerating the application of research and technology developments through events and communication
  • Enabling economic growth and competitive advantage
  • Supporting businesses wanting to engage with the agri-food ecosystem
  • Creating opportunities for networking through a vibrant events programme
  • Thought-leadership at the annual REAP conference held in November
  • Member-exclusive opportunities such as profile and invitations.

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The initial Farm-PEP project funded under the Innovate UK competition 'UKRI Ideas to address Covid-19'.  ADAS led  consortium to assess the impact of Covid-19 on knowledge exchange in agriculture, and to develop the Farm-PEP web solution at The initial Farm-PEP project began in January 2021 and runs to February 2022.

The ideas behind Farm-PEP came together in ~2018, drawing from the developments of Agronomics, the YENs, AHDB's Monitor Farm programme and the idea of a 'What Works' Centre for Agriculture. 

What is ELMs? The three-tier Environmental Land Management (ELM

There’s been an exponential growth in the adoption of digital farming tools in recent years – but

How do you conduct and manage robust research and development at scale on your farm? What are the best methods for data collection and analysis? What are the best approaches to collaborative projects with researchers? Join us on April 28th as we explore the scientific approaches to on-farm trials and how to work more effectively with researchers.

Regulation can hinder or stimulate innovation, so with advances in knowledge and technologies

Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA) is an umbrella term which enc

Light powers photosynthesis in plants, and controlling light therefore has a direct impact on ag