Newborn piglets have a high incidence of preweaning mortality that is not only associated with low birth weights but also with the presence of intra-uterine growth-restricted (IUGR) piglets.

Researchers at McMaster University have developed a new form of rapid test to detect infections in farm animals, responding to the rising threat of dangerous outbreaks.

Silphium could provide a profitable and viable perennial bioenergy crop. For Sida to be a profitable and viable crop, yields need to be above 12 t DM ha-1.


Final report of the Wales EIP project that aimed to look at the reduction of ammonia emission from broiler chicken farms using commercially available additives.

A major reason for the predominant failure of translational research from laboratory to field is that the peer-review system is too narrow; i.e. reviewers have the same backgrounds as the authors.


ADAS and Defra are inviting dairy, beef, laying hens, sheep, and pig farmers to take part in a Defra-funded survey on animal welfare standards.


Summary of ADAS Agronomics service, including:


Kudos to the AHDB team that developed the Nitrogen fertilizer calculator tool. Please any link/resource on where to learn more about it?


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