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Open access text book comprehensively reviewing advances in potassium science and potash fertilizer .

Murrell, T.S., Mikkelsen, R., Sulewski, G., Norton, R., Thompson, M. (2020) Improving Potassium Recommendations for Agricultural Crops. Springer.

This open access book highlights concepts discussed at two international conferences that brought together world-renowned scientists to advance the science of potassium (K) recommendations for crops. There was general agreement that the potassium recommendations currently in general use are oversimplified, outdated, and jeopardize soil, plant, and human health. 

Accordingly, this book puts forward a significantly expanded K cycle that more accurately depicts K inputs, losses and transformations in soils. This new cycle serves as both the conceptual basis for the scientific discussions in this book and a framework upon which to build future improvements. Previously used approaches are critically reviewed and assessed, not only for their relevance to future enhancements, but also for their use as metrics of sustainability. An initial effort is made to link K nutrition in crops and K nutrition in humans. The book offers an invaluable asset for graduate students, educators, industry scientists, data scientists, and advanced agronomists.

Chapters include:

The Potassium Cycle and Its Relationship to Recommendation Development

Sylvie M. Brouder, Jeffrey J. Volenec, T. Scott Murrell

Inputs: Potassium Sources for Agricultural Systems

Robert L. Mikkelsen, Terry L. Roberts

Outputs: Potassium Losses from Agricultural Systems

Keith Goulding, T. Scott Murrell, Robert L. Mikkelsen, Ciro Rosolem, Johnny Johnston, Huoyan Wang et al.

Rhizosphere Processes and Root Traits Determining the Acquisition of Soil Potassium

Philippe Hinsinger, Michael J. Bell, John L. Kovar, Philip J. White

Using Soil Tests to Evaluate Plant Availability of Potassium in Soils

Michael J. Bell, Michael L. Thompson, Philip W. Moody

Evaluating Plant Potassium Status

T. Scott Murrell, Dharma Pitchay



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