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On the 27st March the IPM Decisions platform was updated with even more Decision Support Systems (DSS) for Integrated Pest Management (IPM). The platform now has 26 DSS integrated in the platform and a further 17 DSS accessible through a link to the providers webpage. Users are now also able to compare and adapt DSS to suit their needs. 

The platform is a “one stop shop” for decision support in IPM, containing DSS for major pests, weeds and diseases in a variety of crops across Europe and is available in 12 European languages.

Implementing IPM practices to tackle pests, weeds and diseases can be a real challenge for farmers and advisors. The IPM Decisions platform, www.platform.ipmdecisions.net has been developed to help monitor and manage pests, as part of a H2020 European project, collaborating with 27 partners from 12 European countries.

Dr Neil Paveley, the project coordinator, says ‘We’ve developed a simple ‘click and go’ platform so users can find and run DSS, to assess the risks of pests on their farm. The platform provides information to help users  select DSS that are most suited to their needs. More DSS will be added during 2023’

To access the range of DSS available on the platform, and use the new comparison tool, register for free using the link https://www.platform.ipmdecisions.net/login.

Videos with helpful hints and tips on how to get the most out of the platform can be found on our YouTube channel.



Overview of the available systems

The list below shows the range of pests and crops for which there are DSS available directly on the IPM Decisions platform:



Cabbage moth

Cabbage crops

Cabbage fly

Cabbage crops


Winter wheat, wheat

Carrot rust fly



Lettuce, Beets, Potato, Brassica, Carrot, Parsnip, Allium species, Chicory, Asparagus, Celery, tomato, strawberry

Orange blossom midge

Wheat, Spring wheat, Spring Rye, Winter Rye, Spring Barley, Winter Barley, Spring Oats, Winter Oats, Spring Triticale, Winter Triticale

Pollen Beetle

Oilseed rape

Saddle gall midge

Wheat, Spring wheat, Spring Rye, Winter Barely, Spring Barely, Spring oats, Spring triticale

Codling moth

Apple, Pear

Barley Yellow Dwarf Virus

Winter Wheat, Winter Barley

Potato early & late blight


Grey Field slug

Oilseed rape and cereals


There are also a range of DSS, targeting several pests in a range of crops, available through links from the platform to external DSS providers’ websites.



CPD points now available for IPM Decisions Platform Users

BASIS registered users of the IPM Decisions platform in the UK for the 2022-23 season can now receive 2 CDP points. To qualify, users must register an account and set up at least one farm location and add a DSS. This will enable users to access the ‘DSS USE Dashboard’, where a code will appear in the yellow information box at the bottom of the page. This code should be sent to [email protected] to receive points.


More information about the project can be found on the IPM Decisions website:  http://www.ipmdecisions.net

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