Performance and Productivity
Analysis of Farm Business Survey
Agricultural marketing, according to Thomsen, encompasses all activities and organizations engaged in the flow of farm-produced goods, raw materials, and derivatives, such as textiles, from farms to…
Effect of increasing machinery size on machinery costs
Putting together an ideal machinery system is not easy. Equipment that works best one year may not work well the next because of changes in weather conditions or crop production practices.…
Public Goods Tool
  The Public Goods Tool (PG Tool) has been in constant use since its creation in 2011 (
Root crops
Certain crops (potatoes, sugar beet, maize, field vegetables) within a wider arable rotation pose increased risk of soil loss or degradation. Often described as ‘risky’ these crops may require…
Nature positive plant nutrition graphic
The delicate balance between food production and biodiversity preservation is one of the most critical challenges facing humanity. As the global population keeps growing, demands for food have…
NUE Graphic
In this Issue Brief, we delve into the central role of nutrient use efficiency in achieving the five aims of responsible plant nutrition and we present the major indicators to use for different…
At Teagasc Athenry, researchers have been investigating the use of mixed swards in pasture-based sheep production systems. The results suggest increased diversity may be beneficial for animal…
RAMIRAN 2023 Logo
The 18th Recycling of Agricultural, Municipal and Industrial Residues in Agriculture Network (RAMIRAN) conference was a resounding success. See selected resources from the conference below.
Arbuscular mycorrhizal (AM) fungi and crops can work together for mutual gain. A new PhD studentship report examines how these crop-friendly fungi can be nurtured by management.