Acting on Methane report
New report highlights the role reducing key endemic diseases in ruminants can play in contributing to the Global Methane Pledge formed at COP26 to reduce methane emissions by 30% by 2030.
Dairy Cows
Animal tissues colonised with pathogenic organisms are said to be ‘infected’.
Cow in house
Advice and guidance on protecting animal welfare on farms, in transport, at markets and at slaughter.
Living Mulch
This is the final report detailing Innovative Farmers field lab trials which aimed to determine the impacts of living mulches on cash crop yields and weed composition.
GrassCheckGB Forage Quality Webinar
Webinar Picture
On Wednesday 6 September, we held a webinar for farmers to learn more about the funding available in England.  
British strawberries
Backing UK production would add an extra £0.5 billion in direct GDP contributions to the UK economy per year by 2032 as the growing industries transition to net zero carbon and the National Food…
Assessing the impact of pesticides  on pollinators
This chapter provides an overview of the history of pollination biology, it begins by discussing the basics of pollination and goes on to discuss pollinators and their diversity. Sections also cover…
Promoting pollination and pollinators in farming
It has been reported that up to 95% of all flowering plants require the services of other organisms to move pollen from male to female flower parts during the pollination process. These organisms,…
Altering crop management practices to promote pollinators
Agricultural intensification, or the increase in crop production per unit of input or land area to meet the needs of a growing population, has resulted in a landscape dominated by large scale…