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Social media platforms are an important source of knowledge exchange for many in agriculture, especially peer to peer.
What web resources do you find useful to find and share knowledge?
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Nitrogen Efficient Plants for Climate Smart Arable Cropping Systems (NCS) is a four-year £5.9M ambitious research programme involving 200 UK farms and 18 partners. The project is funded by the Defra…
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NCS project partners are conducting pulse cropping and animal feed trials as part of the NCS Project.
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Farmers are taking part in and being paid for on-farm trials as part of the NCS project.
Coppice willow in an agroforestry system
Cobalt is an essential trace element for sheep used to make vitamin B12 which supports growth.  However, cobalt deficiency (also known as ill thrift/pine) can be common in weaned lambs.  This can…
Dairy cow grazing a herbal ley
Establishing diverse swards can improve the resilience of grazing platforms. However, the un-quantified effect of increased sward diversity on milk yield and quality is a potential financial risk for…
Ewe and lamb in a field
Weaning shock causes physiological stress and can cause a sudden increase in worm burden in lambs. Four farmers have teamed up with Farm Carbon Toolkit to test diverse leys and cover crops which…
Herbal ley
Four farmers are investigating whether creating a bespoke herbal ley mix can help reduce flooding in their catchment. In this Innovative Farmers Field lab the group want to test whether…
English Countryside
  Decision Support Systems (DSS) in agriculture are computer-based tools designed to assist farmers, agricultural managers, and other stakeholders in making informed decisions related to various…