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Battling Black-grass: Upcoming Groundswell Session Offers Essential Management Strategies

This season, arable farmers across the UK are again grappling with the challenges posed by black-grass. The weed, known for its aggressive growth and resistance to conventional herbicides, causes significant yield losses and operational headaches. An upcoming session on managing blackgrass, as part of the OPER8 project, is designed to address these urgent issues head-on.

Event Details:

  • Managing Black-grass in Arable Rotations: Essential Strategies for Farmers
  • Location: The Study, Groundswell
  • Date & Time: 11:15 AM, Wednesday, 26th June

Farmers are invited to attend this interactive session at Groundswell to gain valuable insights and to contribute their own experiences in managing black-grass. Experts from ADAS and Agricology have teamed up with weed expert Stephen Moss who will give an overview of the weed’s lifecycle, traits, conditions that allow the weed to thrive and how integrated weed management can reduce the impact of black- grass. Garth Clark, Director of Agriculture at Althorp Estate, will share the alternative practical approaches being used to tackle black-grass on their farm as they convert to organic arable systems.

Event Highlights:

  • Understanding the Problem: Learn about the fundamental reasons why black-grass is such a persistent problem for UK arable farmers.
  • Integrated Weed Management (IWM): Discover how IWM and alternative weeding approaches can significantly reduce black-grass impact.
  • Shared Experiences: Engage in an open discussion to share your successes and challenges in tackling black-grass.

Lynn Tatnell, Principal weed research scientist at ADAS and Chair of the session, emphasises, 'The challenges associated with black-grass management mean that we need innovative and collaborative solutions. Our session brings together leading experts and farmers to share practical strategies and experiences, helping us tackle this weed more effectively.”

Speaker Bios:

  • Lynn Tatnell: Principal Research Scientist at ADAS with a focus on non-chemical weed management and perennial weed control.
  • Stephen Moss: Independent consultant with a rich history in weed research, previously associated with Rothamsted Research and other leading research institutions.
  • Garth Clark: Visionary Director of Agriculture and Ecology at Althorp Estate, expert in organic and regenerative practices, with a strong background in estate management.
  • Matt Smee: Farm Engagement Officer at Organic Research Centre and Agricology with previous extensive experience in organic growing, regenerative farming practices and market gardens.

The OPER8 Project has received funding from The European Union Horizon 2021 Food, Bioeconomy Natural Resources, Agriculture and Environment Programme under grant agreement 101060591

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