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Understanding cost of production is vital to improve business performance during these time of substantial change in the UK agricultural industry. The Xero cloud accounting platform allows online…
Skippy Scout gives unparalleled insight into your OSR crops flowering progress. It's quick, easy and gives you the information you need to make the best decisions for your crop.
Innovative Farmers are launching a new field lab exploring the use of poly cropping, inoculants and undersown cover crops to control blackgrass (BG) in spring and winter-sown crops.  
Maize Growing
Despite the many benefits of growing maize, conventional growing practices can lead to negative environmental impacts, particularly in terms of soil erosion and runoff.   A group of farmers in the SW…
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Dairy farmers in the south west of England are exploring whether they can improve soil whilst maintaining forage quality when adopting longer resting periods after defoliation.
IPM Decisions
The IPM Decisions project will create an online platform that is easy to use for the monitoring and management of pests. Access the platform now at  
AICC Advisors and farmers testing appropriate nitrogen rates and strategies for reduction in light of current high prices.  Brought together by the FarmPEP FIP project
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ADAS are planning a Nutrition Challenge to compare the effect of different nutrition programmes on winter feed wheat yield, N uptake and gross margin, in the 2022/23 season. This is particularly…
A changing regulatory environment, as well as an increased concern for the environment being at the forefront of the collective public conscious, means for better or worse we are seeing a shifting…
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Understanding and improving bean yields by sharing measures and ideas