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Understanding and improving bean yields by sharing measures and ideas  
Precision planted wheat, January
An innovative mixed farm in Oxfordshire is working with applied researchers at NIAB and ADAS to explore whether precision planting of wheat can increase yield, compared to conventional seed drilling…
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A transdisciplinary hub looking to provide to bridge the gap between science and policy to achieve Net Zero
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Farmers taking part in and getting paid for on-farm trials as part of the NCS Project.
Blue lupins
Investigating whether lupin can become a sustainable alternative for imported soya is being explored in a collaborative project, part of the sustainable farm-based protein competition funded by Defra…
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FAS TV is a weekly show designed for farmers and crofters which recreates traditional on-farm visits.
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Do you or have you ever considered growing biomass crops? If so, is your one-stop-shop for all the information and support you need. Intelligent and accessible, it is a free decision-…
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The Agricultural Universities Council (AUC-UK) is a collaboration of the UK universities with agricultural schools or departments. AUC-UK works together to coordinate our teaching and research, to…
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The Farmer-Led Innovation Network (FLIN) are UK based organisations driving farmer-led innovation - working together to power up and increase the impact of farmer led innovation initiatives.
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With support from Defra the YEN database was analysed to investigate Nitrogen Use Efficiency (NUE) metrics and how the variation in these metrics are influenced by parameters such as soil, crop…