Tractor spraying herbicide onto a field
The herbicide glyphosate was first registered in 1974 under the original trade name RoundUp (Monsanto) and has since become one of the most commonly used herbicides globally. It is a non-selective,…
Leaf spot
Leaf Spot (Pyrenophora avenae) is specific to oats. 
Ramularia (Ramularia collo-cygni) is a disease that affects only winter and spring barley. 
Crown rust symptoms
Crown rust (Puccinia coronata) is a fungus that is specific to oats. 
Black-grass in a crop field
Grass weeds are a major challenge in UK agriculture and are often highly competitive in arable crops. Some of the most common grass weeds in the UK include: Black-grass (Alopecurus myosuroides),…
Herbicide resistance is the inherited ability of a weed to survive a rate of herbicide which would be lethal to a member of the normal population. It can develop over time based on repeated selection…
IWM involves using numerous weed control methods to try and manage a weed problem sustainably. Whilst herbicides can still be used as part of an IWM approach, a major aim is to reduce reliance on…
Field infested with Scentless mayweed, a common broadleaf weed
Broad-leaved weeds are a varied group of weeds that can grow and cause significant problems in arable fields in the UK. Some of the most common broad-leaved weeds in the UK include: Common Chickweed…
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Light leaf spot lesions on oilseed rape
Light leaf spot (LLS) is a disease of oilseed rape and some vegetable brassicas, caused by the fungus, Pyrenopeziza brassicae. This major foliar pathogen is notoriously difficult to identify with an…