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There are increasing numbers of podcasts and video channels available across agriculture.

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Ear to the Ground podcast

BBC Farming Today

Rock and Roll Farming

Over the Gate - Farmers Guardian

Future Farming - Defra

Crop It Like Its Hot

Farmerama Radio Abby Rose and Jo Barratt

Regenerative Agriculture Podcast by John Kempf 


Farm To Table Talk by Rodger Wasson 

Meet the Farmers by Ben Eagle

Future of Agriculture by Tim Hammerich

The Sustainable Food Trust Podcast with Patrick Holden

XtremeAg by Damian Mason

Farm Gate by Ffinlo Costain

Lancaster Farming Industrial Hemp Podcast by Eric Hurlock

Croptastic by Shely Aronov

Tramlines with Agrii

OFC Podcast from Oxford Farming Conference

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AHDB as part of its AgriLeader programme got farmer influencers from Youtube, TikTok and other social media together in a room - see the discussion below involving

Max MacGillivray – Beanstalk.Global
Tom Pemberton
Joe Seels
Olly Harrison
Charlotte Ashley
Georgina Summut
Rebecca Wilson

View AHDB's LinkedIn post


Connected Content

The International Barley Hub is an initiative seeking to create a platform for the translation of barley research into economic, social, environmental and commercial impacts for the breeding, farming, malting, brewing, feed, food, health and related industries

Agricultural Shows have always been a very important place for farmers and the industry to share knowledge. The nature of agricultural shows has changed, but there are now an increasing number of staple events for a range of communities.

Social media platforms are an important source of knowledge exchange for many in agriculture, especially peer to peer.

The Oxford Farming Conference (OFC) is the leading international conference held in the UK for farming and agribusiness. It takes place in January every year located in the historic and inspiring surroundings of Oxford University. The OFC's mission is to inform, challenge and inspire the 560 or so delegates who attend, to resonate and be a force for positive change throughout the industry. The 2023 conference is taking place between 4th-6th January - see our event page for more details in the 'recommended content' section below.

Podcast from Farming Connect The ‘Ear to the Ground’ podcast, the first of its kind to be available in both Welsh and English, shares technical information, advice, support and inspiration to the farming community in Wales.  

FarmPEP aims to connect the many networks, communities and groups across Agriculture. Add your network as a Group and connect to the 'Networks' Topic to have your network show up below. 

The farming press is a very important route to disseminating knowledge across the industry.  A range of newsletters serving a host of communities help keep people up to date. Share here sources of news and info that you find most useful.

What web resources do you find useful to find and share knowledge?

Knowledge Exchange in Agriculture in the UK is diverse, with many organisations involved. That is part of the reason for creating Farm-PEP, to help provide connections to what many percieve as a fragmented landscape.

Let’s Talk Agriculture is a fast-growing public relations and communications company providing practical communications counsel to the agricultural sector.

Interesting discussions on policy, farming and environment with Defra's Future Farming & Countryside Programme Director Janet Hughes

Podcast on all things crop production by Alice Dyer and the CropTec team

Let's Talk Agriculture is an agriculture communications network by Sharon Idahosa. Sharon Idahosa is the preacher of the agricultural gospel, and a business development consultant dedicated to serving agricultural brands all around the globe. Also, help in enhancing the message of agricultural businesses all around the globe.  

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