monitor farm
Building the right skills for the agricultural industry has been recognised as crucial to its future success.
Spraying OSR
The application of agrochemicals by modern crop sprayers involves sophisticated technologies applied by skilled operators.
Wilding landscape
Should we be encouraging more agricultural land to revert back to nature, or to a semi-natural state, increasing biodiversity and carbon storage? 
The Potato Cyst Nematode damages the roots causing poor growth, wilting during periods of water stress and early senescence.
The perfect walking companion and her pet apple! Michelle, my Romanian street dog
The lunchtime stroll I sit at my desk all day, like so many other people. Whether I am working in the office or if I am working from home, I have a very sedentary role. It's the one thing I dislike…
Wheat leaf infected by septoria
Commonly known as Septoria or Septoria leaf blotch, this is the most damaging foliar disease in the UK for Winter Wheat. With a carefully constructed fungicide programme and use of Integrated Pest…
Carbon Footprint
Opportunities are increasing for farmers and land managers to earn revenues from storing carbon in soils or vegetation, or by reducing baseline GHG emissions from crop and livestock production.
Wilding landscape
Biodiversity Net Gain (BNG) is an approach to land development that leaves biodiversity in a measurably better state than before the development took place.
Woodland dartmoor
There are around 3.2M ha of woodland in the UK. This is set to increase substantially over the coming years due to a range of policy, social, environmental and commercial drivers, including Net Zero…
The use of robotics is rapidly developing in agriculture, with large and small autonomous vehicles becoming commercially available.