Marketing is important for any business and in agriculture this is no different.

Whether its a farm business or other agriculture related enterprise, marketing is an important activity that secures higher prices and reputational gains.

Please share resources, information and experiences of marketing activities within agriculture.

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Our Mission... To help farmers connect with their consumers

Lots of people and organisations take photos in agriculture, of people, landscapes, fields, buildings, machines, animals, crops, insects, plants, the natural environment or just the countryside.  

Hillsgreen has surveyed over 300 British farmers to understand how farmers are using online

Share resources, ideas and experiences on running successful agri-businesses.

All agricultural produce has to be sold. Use this page to connect to useful resources, organisations and tools to help achieve the best prices. Information is also available on input prices, such as fertilisers.  

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My name is Kevin Milner and I would like to take this opportunity of introducing you to the services I offer as a specialist Farming and Estate Photographer. I am a fully qualified and CAA licensed Drone operator, and you can see examples of my work at

Agro Mavens helps you and your business get talked about in the world of agriculture and agritech. A specialist marketing and communications agency for agriculture, from our base in the UK we work with agriculturally active brands all around the world, from multinationals to start-ups.

Agricultural marketing, according to Thomsen, encompasses all activities and organizations engaged in the flow of farm-produced goods, raw materials, and derivatives, such as textiles, from farms to ultimate customers, as well as the effects on farmers, middlemen, and consumers of such operations. This definition excludes the input side of agriculture.

To maximise their financial returns, beef producers need to produce and sell the type of finished cattle markets want.

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