In the context of ever-growing demand for food and associated concerns regarding the environmental impacts of high-input agricultural systems, there is growing interest in mixed farm enterprises to…
Cover crop
The use of cover crop and green manures is one of the best practices promoted by Best4Soil. The different aspects of this natural method for maintaining and improving the soil health are presented in…
These factsheets produced as part of the Best 4 Soil EU thematic network provide practical information on the use of compost on farm.
Our trial in Essex
The aim of our small plot trials is to assess the beneficial effects of pulse and legume crops on successive non-leguminous crops, such as cereals, across the rotation. For this year we have two…
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With the improvement of smartphone imaging quality (hardware side) and advances in image analytics (software side), there is currently a dynamic development intending to provide novel digital tools…
Wicklesham Estates trial layout
A trial to compare the overall effect on the rotation of a bean crop. The field has been planted with spring beans (Vincent) and winter wheat, following 2yrs of AB15 Countryside Stewardship.
Farm Carbon Calculator Logo
This page is designed to give information to PulsePEP community members on using the Farm Carbon Calculator from Farm Carbon Toolkit for carbon emission baselining as part of the Nitrogen Climate…
Bringing together a vision for achieving the shift towards bean-rich diets.
Six Simple Steps to Regenerative Agriculture
This book­let has been designed based on the prin­ci­ples of Inte­grat­ed Farm Man­age­ment (IFM) and high­lights six sim­ple steps to sup­port you in imple­ment­ing regen­er­a­tive agri­cul­tur­al…
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The recognition of the nitrogen (N) fixation, benefits in forage quality and animal performance of grass-white clover pastures has led to a resurgence of interest.