A new Knowledge Exchange platform open to all

FarmPEP has been co-designed by an industry wide partnership supported by Innovate UK to connect across agriculture, enabling knowledge exchange through a new Performance Enhancement Platform.   

FarmPEP connects people, organisations, inititiatives and resources with Topics. Each Topic has a page where the Stewards can distil a Wikipedia style summary at the top of the page and recommend useful content organisations. The bottom of the page connects to everything that is connected to the Topic across the community. This enables knowledge across farming to be shared, found, discussed, distilled and developed.  


FarmPEP is free and open to all. Anyone can use it to find and share information. Join Now and log in to:

  • Like and follow content
  • Add your own organisation and initiatives
  • Join and edit any page on the site
  • Connect useful resources
  • Synthesise knowledge on Topic pages
  • Question, comment and discuss.

What is FarmPEP?

FarmPEP is a collaborative community endeavour. It was initiated in January 2020 via an Innovate UK project with ADASAgri-techECCRIInnovative Farmers, Open Coop and The Farming Forum with the aim of connecting Knowledge Exchange in agriculture, post-Covid19. Read more here.

FarmPEP is still being developed. Please email [email protected] if anything isn't working, or use the co-design page to suggest improvements. FarmPEP relies on you to share useful content and to contribute to summarising knowledge - so please get involved and join and edit pages you are interested in. 

Development of FarmPEP and the wider vision of supporting farm centric knowledge generation is continuing in another Innovate UK project through Defra's Farming Innovation Programme with ADASAICCBritish Geological SurveyInnovative Farmers and Map of Ag, creating tools for data sharing, benchmarking and on-farm trials.

FarmPEP has been developed in consultation with a wide set of stakeholders and continues to be overseen by a Steering Group including all project partners, AHDBAICDefraNFUCEIA and SRUC. The ultimate aim is for FarmPEP to become a self-sustaining platform, with sponsorship from organisations for their pages, with all revenues being invested in the development of the site. Discuss the best Business Models for FarmPEP here. If you would like to support development of FarmPEP please contact [email protected] 

FarmPEP partners 




Who is FarmPEP for?

FarmPEP is for farmers, agricultural advisors, researchers, industry and knowledge exchange practitioners - anyone can join the community and share.

How does it work?

  • FarmPEP is built around Topics that all organisations, initiatives and resources can connect to. Join a Topic to help distil a Wikipedia style summary. Anyone can create a new Topic. 
  • Anyone can add Organisations, Initiatives & Resources with text, pictures & videos
  • Everything can be connected to Topics, Organisations & Pages, which are then shown at the bottom of other pages.
  • Join the FarmPEP community now to like, follow, add, join, question and discuss - use the orange buttons when logged in. 

Which types of content can be shared?

  • FarmPEP encourages knowledge sharing on all aspects of agriculture, with a focus on active projects, farm-led innovation, and research. 
  • FarmPEP aims to connect content - rather than duplicating what already exists - via summaries and signposting to external to websites
  • Commercial content, products & services can be shared, as long as it is clearly marked as such

Farm PEP Members subscribe to an ethos of:

  • Openness - to knowledge sharing and to other people’s opinions and ideas
  • Learning - from and with others by embracing constructive challenges and failure
  • Collaboration - by working together to achieve greater results 
  • Respect - by being mindful of other viewpoints and treating everyone with civility

Farm PEP structure


Topics connect all the content on FarmPEP, via a nested taxonomy of agricultural knowledge. The aim is for Topics to become like Wikipedia pages, curated by the community of Stewards. Anyone can request to join a Topic page to edit whats written. PEP members can contribute comments and suggestions to Topics, and connect their own Content (Organisations, Initiatives, Resources, Posts) to Topics. Members can follow Topics to bookmark them to find updates and changes.


Anyone can add their organisation and connect it to relevant Topics, initiatives and resources. Members can join the organisation, or be added to it.


Anyone can create "Pages" for Projects, Initiatives, Events, products or any other collaborative endeavour. Other members can join or be added to Pages. 


We encourage people to add resources (reports, articles, websites etc) as "Pages" so that others can join over time to make connections to members, organisations, initiatives and topics.


Posts are a simple way for individuals to add Ideas, Questions, Articles, Resources, or any other thought, or just a signpost to useful content elsewhere… Posts can be connected to Topics, Groups, People, Organisations. However, we encourage the use of Groups in preference to just adding content.

Members’ Dashboard

The Dashboard provides links to the pages that the person is a member of or follows, along with the Members profile and access to their account. In time we aim to develop this to give an overview of the latest activity on FarmPEP, customised according to the Members’ interests, via a timeline of recent comments, posts, and updates from Topics and Groups.

See a short video of how PEP works: