Farm-PEP Vision

Our vision for Farm-PEP was summarised at a conference addressing "On-Farm Experimentation" (at Montpellier in October 2021) as follows:

"On-Farm Experimentation (OFE) begins with connecting people and sharing ideas. The question to be asked by OFE emerges from and should be defined by a shared understanding of the problem or issue at hand, accounting for what is published in the knowledge base and any experience garnered either formally or informally. Progress [in farming] is generally quicker by working together, enabling comparisons across environments and conditions, sharing data on metrics that matter, and converging around questions to test and coordinate experiments across multiple farms. We are developing a platform to support farmers, advisors, industry, and researchers in a ‘Learning by Sharing’ approach, providing a space to find, reconcile and share, ideas and projects; tools to enable interactive and dynamic benchmarking of metrics across fields and farms; tools putting the robust design and analysis of on-farm trials into the hands of farmers and practitioners; and a place to report findings and distill messages to inform the knowledge base and resolve actionable guidance for farmers."


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