Sarah Kendall

Associate Managing Director of the Soils, Crops and Water business in ADAS.

Our business provides independent applied research along with strategic and policy consultancy focusing on sustainable food production and the rural environment. Key areas of our expertise include crop physiology, crop protection, soils & nutrients, horticulture, policy & economics and modelling & informatics.

My technical expertise focusses on improving performance and reducing pollution of cropping systems for both food and biofuel production through an understanding of crop physiology, plant breeding and agronomy. I have particular interests in crop nutrition, leading recent AHDB funded work to update the Nitrogen recommendations for both winter and spring barley. I am also interested in crop tolerance to pest damage, where physiology can provide a baseline understanding to develop pest thresholds (e.g. pollen beetle in OSR). I have broader interests in precision farming technologies including remote sensing and variable rate applications (seed, PGRs, nitrogen).

My involvement in the Yield Enhancement Network, with a focus on Oilseed YEN has driven a passion for working with farmers to support their innovations and for on-farm experimentation. ADAS Agronomics has been developed as a robust methodology to deliver on-farm trials with data that can be statistically analysed to give meaningful results.