The Farming Innovation Programme is part of Defra’s investment in innovation, research and development.

Defra is partnering with UK Research and Innovation (UKRI) on the programme. 

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Two competitions for large collaborative projects opened in March 2022:

Large R&D Partnership projects  - deadline 29 June 2022

Farming Futures R&D Fund: Climate Smart Farming - deadline 18 May 2022


Research Starter projects - Round 2 opening May 2022


Defra has recently announced a new research and development competition, focussed on ‘Sustainable farm-based Proteins’ is opening for applications in the Farming Innovation Programme.  

£12.5 million is available for research and development to enhance the productivity and environmental impact of proteins that are grown or raised by farmers, and will be split across early stage feasibility projects, and industrial research projects. We will fund a wide range of projects  -  from traditional livestock and plant production to novel animal feeds/supplements, agroforestry and the bioeconomy. Project size is from £200k to £1M

How to apply for Feasibility projects  

How to apply for Industrial research projects.  

On 3rd August Innovate-UK-KTN are hosting an applicant briefing webinar from 10am followed by a consortia-building workshop at 12:45pm. More details on this can be found here. ,

If you have ideas for these calls or would like to build a consortium use the comments below, or set up your idea as a new Group page. 


Results from previous feasibility competition have been announced here -


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Farm-PEP aims to bring together all the sources of useful knowledge for Agriculture, whether from academic science, applied research projects, industry trials, farmers own trials or simple on-farm experience. Listed below are useful websites, organisations and websites that we know of.  Add any we've missed in the comments box or by adding as new content, or better still, as a new Group.  

Help us develop a smart app for the management of wheat pests

DEFRA funding in partnership with Innovate UK, which is looking to support farmers, growers, and foresters who have a bold, ambitious idea. 

Farm-centric research generally involves On-Farm Experimentation and may be better described as 'Farm Action Research', i.e. research conducted at least in part by and for beneficiaries who also farm. 

George Eustice has announced that there willl be £12.5M made available for research and developme

Agricultural research is conducted by a range of organisations, from individual farmers, through advisors, distributors, manufacturers, charities, societies, supply chain companies, levy bodies, universities and research institutes.  This page aims to connect across these often disparate sources.

The Department for Environment Food & Rural Affairs

We create diverse connections to drive positive change.

The development of Farm-PEP Performance Enhancement Partnerships to support on-farm knowledge generation through shared ideas, data and experimentation. Funded as part of Farming Innovation Pathways programme from Defra and Innovate UK Transforming Food Production.

Many of the most telling innovations that make a difference on-farm come from farmers themselves, or from close collaboration between farmers, advisors, industry and researchers

For a chance to win a free ticket to Groundswell 2023, please fill out the full survey here: 

Funding available for research and knowledge exchange in the UK comes from a mix of public, industry and charitable sources

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Farming Futures R&D Fund – Theme 1 (Expression of Interest) This