Pedro Carvalho
KE Professional

Dr Pedro Carvalho is a Knowledge Transfer Manager - Crops and plant Specialist in the AgriFood Team at Innovate UK KTN.

Pedro’s work focuses on plants and crops production. He helps innovative companies and research organisations to find collaborators, and to apply for public and private funding.

Precision farming, and biological and sustainable solutions to agriculture challenges are key interest for Pedro. Pedro holds a PhD in crop science from the University of Nottingham. He has expertise in plant and crop based agriculture, obtained from a career undertaking research in both academic and commercial environments in the areas of nitrogen use efficiency, water uptake, plant/crop phenotyping and developing innovative biofertilisers.

Pedro can help you understand how you can work within AgriTech, particularly in the plants and crops industry. I can help organisations find partners within the AgriFood industry, academia, and others in order to develop rewarding collaborations to drive their innovations. Pedro works in the GCRF Agrifood Africa programme, the KTN’s Integrated Plant Management initiative, the AgriFood Tech Investment Showcase, and the Plant Sector Advisory Board.

Pedro Carvalho's Topics