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The traditional cultivation of maize is accompanied by numerous mechanical cultivations and the application of herbicides.
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Trial plan
At Woodend Farm, we are conducting an innovative trial focused on over-sowing white clover into spring and winter beans and spring oats using the Skippy Scout drone. The objective is to establish an…
Chickens among fruit trees
Trees – what role could they play in helping reduce emissions in our food system? Prof Heiko Balzter (University of Leicester) and one our Champions last year, has synthesised research on…
Pastoralism in Northern Portugal
In Serra do Alvão, Portugal, the "Rebanhos +" project is using targeted grazing to manage the understorey, preventing fires and restoring degraded areas.
Hybrid walnut and common ash intercropped with cereals
Silvoarable systems are farming systems that integrate trees with arable cropping. 
Integration of livestock and crops as a viable alternative to specialized systems that can improve resource efficiency and ecosystem services. A case study from Lemnos, Greece.
Plant with pesticide applied
Researchers from Wageningen University & Research (WUR) and Leiden University have engineered a biological barrier that protects plants from diseases and pests.
Trial results
Boost Your Pea and Bean Yields by Nearly a Fifth with Phosphate-Enhanced Starter Fertiliser
‘Knocking out susceptibility genes by genome editing in potatoes could be a durable option to increase resistance.’