Project objectives To quantify the impact of contrasting cover crop mixes and destruction techniques on over winter nitrate leaching, soil nitrogen supply (and hence crop nitrogen fertiliser…
Orius Laevigatus
The introduction of natural enemies (biological controls) has become a common method for dealing with certain pests.
Robert Lyon
Protein-rich peas and beans are replacing concentrates in the winter ration of sheep and cattle at a Radnorshire farm.
Dock Weeds
Docks are perennial weeds that compete with forages of nutritional importance for livestock production.
Root crops present a particular challenge to farmers who are trying to adopt regenerative practices. 
Maize with living mulch
 In a recent RASE Farm of the Future webinar, three farmers shared their experiences of putting regenerative farming theory into practice.
Oilseed rape
Several diseases affect oilseed rape. However, it is possible to suppress the risk of economic damage by combining non-chemical and chemical approaches.
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Integrated Pest Management (IPM) is a holistic whole-farm approach to help mitigate the likelihood of pest, weed and disease pressure in a farming system. (Agricology)
The national crop area of beans, practices of home feeding, and utilisation within the feed industry in general have increased.
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A simple guide to implementing a water management plan