Agroforestry systems, where productive trees are integrated into agricultural land, can deliver benefits to biodiversity, natural pest control, and pollination.
Slurry Store
Our slurry wizard helps you work out slurry storage requirements, explore options and comply with regulations.  
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This guide outlines oilseed rape’s key growth stages and can provide a foundation for management.
Indian Mustard
Biofumigation involves incorporating brassicaceous cover crops into the soil.
Yellow peas and wheat intercrop
This allows for a good exchange of services between these two crops, as the peas provide nitrogen to the cropping system while the wheat acts as a support for the pea.
Discussion between farmers
 Sheep and arable farmers lack insight into each other’s work and viewpoint on cover crop.
Soil Testing
Among legume crops, forage peas and field beans show the most symptoms of legume fatigue.
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The way for sheep producers to maximise returns is to produce and sell the type of sheep buyers really want and are willing to pay for.
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The key to maximising financial returns is to produce and sell the type of finished cattle the marketplace wants and is willing to pay for.