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NSA considers what makes a successful lambing, how to mitigate risk and what to do if things start to go wrong. 
Farmers and their cover crop
Cover crops should be viewed as a long-term investment in improved soil health and farm management. 
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This handbook (NetPoulSafe) compiles in one document 50 factsheets for both farmers and advisors (including veterinarians) in poultry production, detailing the best supporting measures for…
Cows on pasture
Organic Management Techniques to Improve Sustainability of Non-Organic Farming.
The Fungicide Resistance Action Group (FRAG) produces guidance on pesticide resistance issues. Hosted by AHDB, this information can be used to help protect crops and the long-term efficacy of…
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Nutrient management can often be forgotten on beef and sheep farms, yet there is considerable scope to reduce costs and improve output through the use of home-produced and bought-in nutrients.
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This manual gives advice to producers on buying a recorded ram.  
 ‘Management to Promote Flowering Understoreys Benefits Natural Enemy Diversity, Aphid Suppression and Income in an Agroforestry System,’
'Agricultural economists Graham Brookes and Stuart Smyth warn that we must learn the lessons from past experience of divergent international regulation of agricultural innovations.'
This informative and practical event featured Lynn Cassells of Lynbreck Croft, James Reid of Tap o’ Noth Farm, and Dr Lindsay Whistance of the Organic Research Centre, discussing how making hay from…