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This guide for fresh produce growers explains how you can increase crop utilisation and profitability through measuring food waste in five simple steps.
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Reducing your Carbon Footprint: Integrated approaches to reduce emissions and increase carbon sequestration
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A transformation of food systems is urgently needed, possible, and offers enormous economic benefits.
Dairy Cows
Fertility is the key driver of profit in the dairy herd and is dependent on genetics, nutrition and health status.
Soil In Hands
Six Simple Steps for your soil to help improve the performance, health and long-term sustainability of your land
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This new, practical manual with expert guidance, outlines six simple steps to identifying, assessing, and managing ash dieback.
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"An essential guide offering practical tips and approaches for farmers to adopt as they look for better and more sustainable ways to protect their crops."
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A series of case study booklets compiled through the IPM Works project.
The IPMWORKS e-learning modules have been prepared based on successful experiences within the project network, including technical aspects of IPM strategies, farm performance or co-innovation and…
Best 4 Soil Decision Support Tool
Healthy soils are important for the future of crop production in Europe and healthy crop rotations are a pre-requisite to maintain, improve or restore soil health. Nematodes and soil-borne pathogens…