Perform a visual evaluation of soil structure (VESS) with this guidance.
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Perennial Green Manures are trees, shrubs and perennial plants grown in permanent areas to provide nitrogen-rich leaves to fertilise horticultural and arable land.
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Our guidance covers major and minor diseases that affect wheat, barley, oats, rye and triticale. (AHDB)
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The global agricultural sector faces a significant number of challenges for a sustainable future, and one of the tools proposed to address these challenges is the use of automation in agriculture.
Stephen is a first generation farmer who has been farming organically for over two decades. This resource is from Agricology.
From grazing management to pest and disease, our advice and resources will help you to successfully manage clover. (AHDB)  
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Value chains with close collaboration between actors, both from the supply chain and wider society, enable direct, dynamic and innovative, relationships that better facilitate management and sales of…
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In this webinar, Dr Roma Gwynn (Biorationale Limited) and Dr Dave Chandler talk about biological solutions for pest, disease and weed management.
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The management of bean seed fly has been causing considerable concern for growers over the last few years.
A mixed farming system, based around livestock and cropping, is a fundamental part of organic, agroecological and regenerative farming.