Growing and finishing lambs for Better Returns
There are two main challenges for the lamb sector; the first is to maintain the production of high-quality meat and the second is to ensure sheep farming is financially viable.
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The condition of soil on livestock farms directly influences the yield and quality of grass and forage crops, animal performance and profitability.
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Vining peas are vulnerable to poor soil conditions and soil borne pathogens. Cover crops can be used to improve soil structure and health.
Managing nutrients for Better Returns
Nutrient management can often be forgotten on beef and sheep farms, yet there is considerable scope to reduce costs and improve output through the use of home-produced and bought-in nutrients.
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Improving existing buildings or designing new builds to the best standards has a lasting and positive impact on animal health and productivity.
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Driving feed efficiency is crucial in all beef growing and finishing systems. 
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Grass grown for silage has different needs to grass grown solely for grazing.
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Lameness is a serious cost to the sheep industry.
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Managing ewes correctly throughout the year is vital for generating the highest possible output from any sheep enterprise.
Get the most you can from grazed grass and silages.