The Gasmet portable soil gas analyser used by the Allerton Project
Our PulsePEP trial will evaluate the novel method of bi-cropping spring peas, spring oats and spring beans in a rotation, looking at the impact on available nitrogen (N) in the following crop.  It…
Biostimulants soil test
Worth billions of dollars annually and continuing to expand, the global biostimulants market offers potential for growers. AHDB Environment Scientist Joanna McBurnie explores the product types,…
This RASE infographic describes how 'the farm of the future' can implement low and zero carbon energy strategies on-farm.
This RASE Infographic describes how you can effectively manage soils to decarbonise and improve biodiversity on your farm. 
This RASE Infographic describes strategies involving farm vehicles and machinery that can help contribute towards a net zero strategy.
Cows Grazing at Sunset
This paper aims to summarize the evidence base concerning carbon storage in pasture land used for livestock production.
Webinar thumbnail of speakers names and an earthworm
Dr Jackie Stroud (Warwick Crop Centre, School of Life Sciences) and colleagues from Baker Consultants talk about their recent work 'listening for earthworms'.
Webinar thumbnail showing the title and image from the IPM decisions platform
Dr Mark Ramsden (ADAS) talks about the EU IPM Decisions and IPMWORKS projects, which together are supporting reduction of pesticide use across Europe
With increasing pressures on farmers to reduce Campylobacter on broiler chickens arriving at processing plants, improving cleaning procedures during turnaround can prove to be a vital step in…