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Our bull selection manual explains what to look for when selecting a bull for breeding, including how to use genetics and EBVs, and judging if a bull is fit to work.
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Grass is an important crop and grazed grass is the cheapest feed on farm, yet it rarely earns the respect it deserves as a potentially high-quality, natural ruminant feed.
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There is more data being collected on sheep farms than ever before, but we need to make sure it is being used effectively.
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UK feeding industries rely heavily on imported soya bean meal (SBM) as the main protein source in monogastric feeds, including for pigs.
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Farmers working with scientists to achieve the best from pulse crops and reduce their carbon emissions.
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Peas are a pulse crop that is part of the Leguminosae family.
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Legumes form symbiotic relationships with soil bacteria called rhizobia. Rhizobia form nodules on legume roots where atmospheric nitrogen (N) from soil pores is fixed into plant-available N and fed…
Peas are a very important crop to growers as they provide a valuable spring sown break crop which supplies product for processing, seed, food and feed uses.
This Peas and Beans Crop Walkers' Guide is aimed at assisting growers, agronomists and their staff in the vital task of monitoring crops.
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Soya agronomy is well established and straightforward.