Medicine Hub
An online tool to help dairy, beef and sheep producers monitor and compare medicine use and tackle the threat of antimicrobial resistance.
Hens and alpacas
This HENNOVATION technical note describes an innovative technique for reducing predation of free ranging laying hens. The case study was conducted in Spain but it has application across Europe.
Guide Cover
The demo design guide summarizes in 6 steps how to design an on-farm demonstration event, starting from a clear definition of the objectives and ending with a good evaluation and follow-up.
Smart Project Logo
These documents are designed for use by growers and agronomists in Europe to inform them on smart technologies and methodologies available to them for Integrated Pest Management (IPM) solutions in…
Cow and Sheep
Specifically designed for beef and sheep enterprises, this cash flow spreadsheet will help you quickly see when money is coming into and out of your business and where it’s coming from and going to.
Tool screenshot
Beef cattle in the arable rotation has many benefits to both beef and arable producers. But what are the costs and margins involved?
Based on RL data and parental diversity information, use the variety blend tool to select three-way or four-way mixes for on-farm testing.
Accounting for fertiliser and grain/oilseed prices, it calculates the adjustment in the amount of nitrogen to apply to cereals and/or oilseeds crops.
UKSO Map Viewer
The UKSO map viewer is easy to use and has some of the most accurate and comprehensive available to view and use for free!
Soil type map of UK
Soilscapes is a 1:250,000 scale, simplified soils dataset covering England and Wales.