Agri-TechE is a business focused member organisation, supporting the growth of a world-leading network of innovative farmers, producers, scientists, technologists and entrepreneurs who share a vision of increasing the productivity, profitability and sustainability of agriculture.


Agri-TechE is supporting innovation by:

  • Facilitating conversations and connections
  • Accelerating the application of research and technology developments through events and communication
  • Enabling economic growth and competitive advantage
  • Supporting businesses wanting to engage with the agri-food ecosystem
  • Creating opportunities for networking through a vibrant events programme
  • Thought-leadership at the annual REAP conference held in November
  • Member-exclusive opportunities such as profile and invitations.




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Agriculture now generates vast amounts of data of different types and at different scales. The ownership, access, control, sharing, value, permissioning, intergration, security, safeguarding and sovereignty of this data represent multiple challenges and opportunities for the sector.

At this years Agri-Tech E REAP Conference, Sarah Kendall, ADAS Crop Physiologist joined a panel consisting of Matthew Smith (Scientific Technologies) and Macelo Galdos (Rothamsted Research) to discuss how the digital world is informing and guiding the developments and decisions in the real world – ranging from digital twins to predictive models, from platforms to help with scenario planning to the use of AI and machine learning to yield unprecedented insights into the future of agriculture and horticulture.

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The initial Farm-PEP project funded under the Innovate UK competition 'UKRI Ideas to address Covid-19'.  ADAS led consortium to assess the impact of Covid-19 on knowledge exchange in agriculture, and to develop the Farm-PEP web solution at The initial Farm-PEP project began in January 2021 and ran to February 2022.

The agri-tech sector is vibrant and growing, with many exciting companies, organisations and networks are working to develop agri-tech solutions.

The ideas behind Farm-PEP came together in ~2018, drawing from the developments of Agronomics, the YENs, AHDB's Monitor Farm programme and the idea of a 'What Works' Centre for Agriculture. 

Agricultural Shows have always been a very important place for farmers and the industry to share knowledge. The nature of agricultural shows has changed, but there are now an increasing number of staple events for a range of communities.

How should we ensure the long term growth and development of the PEP platform and community?  Give us your ideas here

Each year Agri-TechE brings together a series of agri-tech related events in a week in November, surrounding the REAP conference on the Tuesday.  REAP 2022 explores 'Making Sense of Agriculture'.

Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), more commonly known as drones, are being increasingly used in agriculture to improve farming efficiency and productivity.

FarmPEP aims to connect the many networks, communities and groups across Agriculture. Add your network as a Group and connect to the 'Networks' Topic to have your network show up below. 

A range of digital technologies promise to transform agriculture, including sensing, robotics, artificial intelligence, wireless networks & IoT, big data, decision support tools, modelling, digital twins and precision farming. 

Knowledge Exchange in Agriculture in the UK is diverse, with many organisations involved. That is part of the reason for creating Farm-PEP, to help provide connections to what many percieve as a fragmented landscape.

Some of the commercially available digital tools & software include: Fieldview - Bayer Granular - Corteva Xarvio - BASF John Deere Operations Centre Omnia Agleader SMS Breedr Fieldmargin Yagro Geopard AgAnalytics Data Baler Agrible Habiterre Combyne MyFarms CropTrak Trinity Agtech - Sandy AgTools Agricircle   Join this page to add and edit  

Precision farming involves the use of GPS, sensing and control technologies to use spatial data to manage soils, crops and livestock. 

Established in 1971, Cambridge based Delta-T Devices specialises in measurement sensors and monitoring systems for agriculture and horticulture.

Agri-Tech Week features a mix of in-person and virtual events that are designed to showcase exciting developments in agri-tech. It is coordinated by Agri-TechE working closely with partners across the innovation ecosystem and aims to provide opportunities to attract new customers and partners and to broker collaborations and international connections.

Farmers, growers, innovators and stakeholders coming together to maximise the potential of Agri-tech.  In person event at NIAB, Histon, Cambridge on 1 December

Connect and collaborate with over 800 top-level agri-food professionals over two days of panel discussions, networking and a full exhibition in London this September.

Join partners Crop Health and Protection (CHAP) and Cranfield University as they celebrate Agri-TechE’s Agri-Tech Week and discuss what it takes to scale up agricultural innovation.

What is ELMs? The three-tier Environmental Land Management (ELM

There’s been an exponential growth in the adoption of digital farming tools in recent years – but

How do you conduct and manage robust research and development at scale on your farm? What are the best methods for data collection and analysis? What are the best approaches to collaborative projects with researchers? Join us on April 28th as we explore the scientific approaches to on-farm trials and how to work more effectively with researchers.

This face to face workshop at ADAS Postharvest Innovation Centre in Chatteris, Cambridgeshire, will showcase advances in storage technologies and supply chain management to reduce post-harvest losses.

Whether you’re new, a long-standing member or looking to join Agri-TechE network, meet our team online to find out how membership can benefit you and your organisation.

The REAP conference is unique in the UK’s agri-tech event calendar. Putting farmers at the centre of the discussion, REAP helps delegates navigate the demands of 21st Century agriculture by reframing challenges to encourage new ideas and identify innovative solutions. Come and discover game-changing technologies, meet industry-leading farmers, and be inspired by world-class research. Immerse yourself in the UK’s agri-tech ecosystem at our 10th REAP conference.  

During this online workshop we aim to review existing knowledge gaps and identify key areas where future research efforts should be focused.

As the vertical farming industry seeks markets for higher value crops, we’re aiming to unlock the opportunities and help the industry create and explore new markets. From farmer to pharma, flavourings and colours, industrial feedstocks and more – let’s leverage the unique production capabilities of plants to go beyond babyleaf and into plant-based biofactories.

Adaptation Through Innovation; Beyond the Comfort Zone.

Money doesn’t grow on trees – or in the soil or in glasshouses…..but at our annual Focus on Finance event you’ll find out where money is available to advance your agri-tech innovation.

Join us as we take a deep dive into the world beneath our feet, from the micro to the macro biology of soils. 

The REAP conference is unique in the UK’s agri-tech event calendar. Putting farmers at the centre of the discussion, REAP helps delegates navigate the demands of 21st Century agriculture by reframing challenges to encourage new ideas and identify innovative solutions. Agri-TechE’s flagship event unites our ecosystem around a topical theme. It attracts researchers, innovators, government officials, agribusiness leaders and farmers from across the UK and beyond.    

Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA) is an umbrella term which enc

Regulation can hinder or stimulate innovation, so with advances in knowledge and technologies

Light powers photosynthesis in plants, and controlling light therefore has a direct impact on ag