Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), more commonly known as drones, are being increasingly used in agriculture to improve farming efficiency and productivity.

Drones can be used for a variety of tasks in agriculture, including crop monitoring, field mapping, irrigation, and pesticide and herbicide application. Drones can provide high-resolution images of crops, allowing farmers to quickly and easily identify areas of the field that need attention. They can also be used to precisely apply pesticides and herbicides, reducing the amount of chemicals needed and improving their effectiveness. In addition, drones can be used to monitor soil moisture and irrigation systems, helping farmers conserve water and reduce the risk of crop failure. Overall, the use of drones in agriculture has the potential to improve crop yields and reduce the environmental impact of farming.

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Agriculture now generates vast amounts of data of different types and at different scales. The ownership, access, control, sharing, value, permissioning, intergration, security, safeguarding and sovereignty of this data represent multiple challenges and opportunities for the sector.

The use of robotics is rapidly developing in agriculture, with large and small autonomous vehicles becoming commercially available.

Agri-TechE is a business focused member organisation, supporting the growth of a world-leading network of innovative farmers, producers, scientists, technologists and entrepreneurs who share a vision of increasing the productivity, profitability and sustainability of agriculture.

The agri-tech sector is vibrant and growing, with many exciting companies, organisations and networks are working to develop agri-tech solutions.

Many technologies now exist to monitor land at a range from scales, from hand-held sensors and simple cameras, through tractor mounted sensors, drones, aeroplanes through to satellites.

Precision farming involves the use of GPS, sensing and control technologies to use spatial data to manage soils, crops and livestock. 

Farmers who know Drones https://www.droneag.farm https://www.skippy.farm

After four years acting as a 3rd party distributor of various software and hardware, and a highly experienced training school, In 2019, frustrated with existing drone-based, crop monitoring methods, they decided to develop their own smartphone app called "Skippy Scout".

Lots of people and organisations take photos in agriculture, of people, landscapes, fields, buildings, machines, animals, crops, insects, plants, the natural environment or just the countryside.  

Crop Angel Ltd is a company developing UAVs (drones) for practical agricultural applications, particularly for aerial spraying of chemicals. This will be carried out on sensitive sites where any other form of application by machine or on foot with a knapsack would damage the environment, and on areas where it is difficult or not possible to use helicopters.

Useful advice leaflet from Scotland's Farm Advice Service on drones/UAVs and their application in

Crop canopy sensing – your virtual farm walk?

Photos and drone videos of combines and farm machinery working in Suffolk.

My name is Kevin Milner and I would like to take this opportunity of introducing you to the services I offer as a specialist Farming and Estate Photographer. I am a fully qualified and CAA licensed Drone operator, and you can see examples of my work at www.kevinmilnercountryside.co.uk.

Profiling some of the exciting research, development, and commercially available technology in the region. Full Agenda below.

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