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Farmers, growers, innovators and stakeholders coming together to maximise the potential of Agri-tech. 

In person event at NIAB, Histon, Cambridge on 1 December

This event will:

  • bring together a diverse and inclusive selection of agri-tech solution providers, customers, funders, recruiters, and other stakeholders.
  • surface some of the challenges faced by agri-tech SMEs in developing technology solutions for the agricultural sector
  • also surface some of the challenges faced by farmers/growers in adopting agri-tech solutions.
  • provide a forum to raise awareness of the challenges and share experiences and thoughts around how we might overcome some of these barriers.
  • explore the funding options available to SMEs and farmers/growers for the development and implementation of such solutions

Panellists include:

  • Michael Gifford, NIAB
  • Diego Durantini, Agri-techE
  • Rob Wylie, Cambridge AgriTech
  • Ian Beecher-Jones, JoJo's vineyards
  • Daniel Deering, Innovate UK Edge
  • Marc Jones, Antobot
  • Micahel Ruggier, Airponix
  • Paul Coleman, Crop4sight
  • Daniel Woolnough, Just Soil td
  • Sam Clayton, AGRecruit
  • Richard Allin, Innovate UK Edge
  • Andrew McLay, Innovate UK
  • James Milne, Barclays


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