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Join renowned UK farmers, tech developers, and agri-tech sector representatives for a day of on-farm discussions, networking, and demonstrations at the innovative Shimpling Park Farm in Suffolk for Agri-EPI's Annual Conference 2022 on 27th October.

This event brang together key stakeholders from across the agriculture sector, offering an opportunity for farmers, agri-tech experts and academics to connect, network and discuss the path to sustainability in farming, and the role of precision technology in delivering food security.

Our keynote speaker was Fabia Bromovsky director of the Global Farm Metric at the Sustainable Food Trust, the chair of our panel sessions, Anna Jones, and our farmer panel speakers, John Pawsey, Ian Beecher-Jones, Sophie Alexander, and Jo Franklin, who discussed what a sustainable farm means to them. The day included a farm walk with the host John Pawsey. 

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9:30am: Welcome from CEO of Agri-EPI Centre, Dave Ross

9:35am: Short introduction and welcome from conference host and Shimpling Park Farm Manager John Pawsey

9:40am: Keynote address from Fabia Bromovsky, Strategic Advisor and Global Farm Metric Director, Sustainable Food Trust

10am: Managing a sustainable farm – what does this look like for you?

- John Pawsey – Shimpling Park Farm

- Ian Beecher-Jones – Chiltern Hills

- Sophie Alexander – Hemsworth Farm

- Jo Franklin – Kaiapoi Farm

10.45am: Precision technology discovery session – projects in practice on-farm data capture

Eliot Dixon – Data and Automation Lead, Agri-EPI Centre

Robotics panel - Antobot

Automation panel – Jack Wrangham, Drone Ag/Skippy Scout

Soil and water panel– Jim Williams, Soil Essentials

Dairy panel – Anthony Marsh, Hoofcount James Brown, Polybell Farms & Earth Rover



11:30am: Bridging the gap– technology journey

Chaired by Anna Jones, Founder of Just Farmers and Author of 'Divide'

- John Grealish – Senior Investment Adviser, Agri-EPI Centre

- Trish Toop – Chief Technical Officer, Agri-EPI Centre

- Calum Murray – Head of Agriculture, Innovate UK



12:15pm: Lunch

1:30pm: Farm walk

3pm: final networking and close


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