Jon West

Jon West is a senior research scientist at Rothamsted Research, working on applied crop protection projects. Jon obtained a BSc in Biology from Royal Holloway, London in 1990 and a PhD in Plant Pathology at Reading in 1994. Jon’s work has focused on the biology and control of fungal diseases, including early warning of diseases by detecting airborne spores, optical sensing of disease symptoms, measurement of plant disease resistance and the survival and dispersal of spores.
Jon acts on committees including the Association of Applied Biologists applied plant pathology group and the British Crop Production Council diseases working group, is currently an associate editor for Frontiers in Agronomy and is a member of the British Society for Plant Pathology. Previously, he was a member of the European Food Safety Authority plant health panel (2015-18) and was an associate editor for the European Journal of Plant Pathology and for Aerobiologia.

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