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Recent developments of pesticide application technology are in the fields of precision spraying, precise targeting, variable rate application, spot spraying, and improved sprayer efficiency resulting in increased on-target spray deposit and biological efficacy.

These new spray technology developments generally use lower doses of pesticides and can therefore be of influence on spray drift, ground deposition in the field and on the residue levels in produce and the environment.

The lower dose of pesticides used with these techniques and the localised application of e.g. task-map based and spot spray applications result in a lower amount of pesticide applied to the field and a non-homogenous distribution in the field which is at the moment not addressed in the authorisation procedure of pesticides.

This workshop wants to bring together practical experience, scientific knowledge and regulators insights and methodologies to address the potential use of precision application technology in the pesticide authorisation procedure.

Meeting Session Topics

– Innovative and Emission free Application Techniques

– Precision Agriculture, definitions for authorisation procedure

– Emission routes modelling for authorisation

– Experiences from precision agriculture networks

– View and experiences from application equipment manufacturers

– View and experiences from the agrochemical industry

– EU Regulation of the industry and persceptive from PPP authorization bodies point of view

Submission of Abstracts/Papers

We encourage delegates to submit a short abstract/ paper in order to apply to provide a short talk at the meeting. There will be plenty of opportunities for both experienced and early career professionals to discuss their research, work or introduce a new product.

Please submit via the AAB website before March 17th in order to be considered for the meeting. We will generate the final schedule of the meeting by the start of April.

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