AAB are a learned society and charity focused across many areas of Applied Biology.

We deliver our charitable mission through a number of methods:

1. Publication of scientific journals in applied biology; Annals of Applied Biology and Plant Biotechnology Journal. https://www.aab.org.uk/publications/

2. Organisation of conferences across a range of related subject themes. https://www.aab.org.uk/events/

3. Formulation and dissemination of policies to promote the discipline

4. Publication of a monthly newsletter. https://www.aab.org.uk/news/

5. Providing opportunities that reduce the barriers to access for our members. https://www.aab.org.uk/membership/

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Connected Content

Plant Pathology 2023, the main annual meeting of the BSPP – The British Society for Plant Pathology.  The meeting will feature open sessions based on submitted abstracts as well as sessions organised by Rob Jackson, the RKS Wood Prize, PH Gregory Prize and J Colhoun Poster Prize. The meeting is being jointly organised with Association of Applied Biologists and will feature additional sessions on ‘Climate Change-induced patterns of plant pests and pathogens’ and ‘Technological solutions to combat climate change-induced biotic challenges’.

Regenerative Agriculture - Understanding the opportunities and challenges 25th - 26th April 2023 Hilton York in York city centre & Online

Recent developments of pesticide application technology are in the fields of precision spraying, precise targeting, variable rate application, spot spraying, and improved sprayer efficiency resulting in increased on-target spray deposit and biological efficacy.

Long-term experiments (LTEs) are valuable resources to assess the sustainability and resilience of agricultural practices and systems.

The IPM Innovative Cycle involves inputs from four distinct yet interconnected sectors: Farmers/Agronomists, Academic Researchers, Industrial Researchers and Regulators. However practical experience suggests that there are unfortunate disconnects between these parts of cycle.  This event we will bring together participants from across the Innovation Cycle, each of whom are working towards the ultimate aim of developing novel modes of plant protection.

The biennial International Advances in Pesticide Application is the pre-eminent conference aimed at researchers, advisors, manufacturers, practitioners and regulators in this subject area from around the world. It provides an opportunity for networking and sharing ideas in an informal and collegial atmosphere for all those with an interest in pesticide application technology, its influence on the performance of plant protection products and human and environmental exposures to pesticides.  

CPNB 2024 ("The Dundee Conference") is the foremost Conference concerning environmental management and crop production and associated topics in northern environments.

We need more woodland for people to enjoy, for nature, to sustain our timber security and to help reduce the impact of climate change.

The AAB Horticultural Quality and Food Loss Specialist Group are delighted to organise a two-day event that brings together researchers working on both fundamental and applied research in Horticultural Crops.

The 6th Symposium of Potato Cyst Nematode Management will cover many aspects, including international distribution, genetic diversity, sampling and decision making, population dynamics, diagnostics, integrated management, biology and application of resistance, use of effectors, rotational control, chemical control, biological control and novel control methods such as RNAi and biofumigation.