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Establishment in Oilseed Rape key - this extension to the Oilseed YEN aims to encourage growers to share what works in successfully establishing OSR crops, with a 'Beauty Contest' to make it fun. 

Building on a successful Oilseed YEN Establishment Beauty Contest in 2020, it is back for 2022 with kind sponsorship provided by BASF.  The Oilseed YEN has been running since 2016, and as a result of farmers being willing to share information about their crops, has enabled us to further our understanding of important factors for Oilseed Rape (OSR) yields.We hope that by including a focus on establishment within Oilseed YEN, we are encouraging growers to build on the “measure to manage” approach and understand how their crop is performing at this crucial time. Sharing data is a crucial step in which we hope to accelerate the industry’s knowledge of the factors that are needed for good establishment of the crop. 

To make things fun, for all entered crops where the establishment data has been submitted, these will go through to an ‘Establishment Beauty Contest’ which will be judged by ADAS on the basis of % establishment, uniformity & evenness of the crop from the supplied photographs and information. There will be three drilling date sections: Early drilled (until 14th August), Standard drilled (15th Aug – 31st Aug), Late drilled (1st September onwards). Winners will be announced later in the year.

To get involved register your crops for the Oilseed YEN at this link - https://www.yen.adas.co.uk/join-oilseed-yen


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Latest cumulative #CSFB trap data (water traps and sticky traps) now online. Data collected as part of an ADAS research project. See the new chart: https://bit.ly/3dHapAd

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Great looking crop posted by Ron Granger on twitter: https://twitter.com/reglimagrain/status/1571065164417626112


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Yield Enhancement Networks (YENs) were launched in 2012 to support and energise on-farm learning-by-sharing and thus to enhance farming progress.

Oilseed Rape is the most widely grown break crop in the UK. The seed is crushed to produce vegetable oil and the remaining rapeseed meal is a high protein animal feed. 

Crop yield has been a major subject of research and industrial improvement for decades.  The YENs have set out a framework for understoanding yield in terms of capture and conversion of the major resources light and water. Temperature plays a role in crop development and can also have a substantial impact on growth and yields.

The Cabbage Stem Flea Beetle (CSFB)  Psylliodes chrysocephala is a key pest on OSR in the UK and across the EU. They are specialist herbivores of plants in the crucifer's family.

The Oilseed YEN network is striving to help the whole industry to successfully grow Oilseed rape (OSR) and Linseed from start to finish – providing a better outlook for both crops into the future. 

Crop establishment is a critical phase in agriculture that involves the process of establishing crops in the field to ensure their successful growth and development.