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Sarah Clarke      Friday 3rd January 2023


Excellent grain quality as well as high yields were celebrated at the YEN 10th Anniversary Conference, with the Milling Quality Awards sponsored by UK Flour Millers. All UK Group 1 milling wheat entries were eligible for this competition, a total of 20 for 2022.


All entries were tested for protein, Hagberg falling number and specific weight and the top 10 for quality selected. These samples were small-scale milled, then subject to dough and baking tests to determine water absorption, dough rheology attributes and loaf quality.


The first, second and third place entrants for the Milling Quality Awards (left to right).


Generally, 2022 was a year for high specific weights and Hagberg falling numbers, and low protein concentrations, but the Gold award winner managed to buck this trend. Chris Eglington’s crop of Crusoe achieved 14.4% protein along with a specific weight of 80.7 kg/hl and Hagberg falling number of 355s. UK Flour Millers’ Joe Brennan presented the award and reported that Chris’s entry resulted in an excellent baked loaf with good volume and a resilient and white breadcrumb. Chris is based near Thetford and his entry was sponsored by Limagrain. Watch Chris introduce his farm in the video below:



Silver was awarded to Paul Cornwell of Rougham Estate Farms, Bury St Edmunds who entered a crop of Skyfall. This entry had a good protein yield of 1.35 t/ha resulting from a 12.39 t/ha yield and 12.8% protein concentration. Baking quality was good, but the loaf had a slightly lower volume than the Gold entry.

The highest yield (15.49 t/ha) and protein yield (1.65 t/ha was achieved by Bronze winner Richard Budd of Hawkhurst, Kent, whose crop of KWS Zyatt was sponsored by BASF. Although this entry had good analytical and baking quality, the loaf volume was relatively low compared to the other finalists.

Usually presented at a separate milling conference, incorporating the Milling Quality Awards into the main YEN conference gave all YEN entrants the opportunity to view the finalists’ loaves, and hear from UK Flour Millers’ Joe Brennan on fitting YEN to the future.




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